Gaoteng 17th Anniversary

 Add date: 2017-09-12 

May 15th, 2017 marks the 17th anniversary for Gaoteng , one of the largest dedicated manufacturers of ceramic grinding media for flint pebble, silex lining brick, alumina ball, alumina lining brick.

Company President, Lena remarked: ". We have come a long way since the business started in 2000. We have achieved this milestone through the dedication of our colleagues and the principle of “ Customers first”. We will continue tradition of excellence in providing customers with excellent quality product and professional service.

On the pleasantly warm weekend,Gaoteng staff get together to celebrate the 17th birthday through spring outing and climbing.What's more,two new numbers join GaoTeng Team on the special day,Stefanie and Daria.They went through probationary period and become regular staff.

In the evening,we have our birthday party together,raising toast to celebrate Gaoteng in the way of bright and prosperous future!