About Us

CompanyName Co. Ltd. (CompanyName) It is a leading enterprise in a certain industry. It specializes in producing, selling, serving, managing and managing a certain, a certain, a certain, a certain, a certain and so on. As a leading enterprise in a certain industry, a certain company has been praised by users from all over the world.

Silica mine:

  • Rich reserves,located in Dalian, China.
  • High silicon content,more than 99.31%;low iron content,less than 0.018%.
  • Mining limitation period: 60 years, 30 years left.


  • Large output. Annual output of flint pebbles is more than 10000tons.
  • Professional and experienced technicians.
  • Strict quality control system.

Trading company:

  • Set up in 2002. Passed ISO9000.
  • Worldwide partners :Europe,Southeast Aisa, East Aisa, Mid-East, South Africa,etc.
  • A talented team provides professional service for every customer.

Logistics company:

  • Set up in 2000. Memember of WIFFA.
  • Main international lines: Japan,Korea,Southeast Asia,the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Africa, Nouth America and America.
  • Professional logistics team provides the best service for our customers.